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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 195 – AAI 041422

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Martial Industrial makes a comeback, alongside dark disco, viking metal, rockabilly and other White musical genres.

Sonne und Stahl begin with a rebellion against Rome set to crashing martial drums and minimal brass, followed by an ambient dub piece with a hint of trance from Holon.

Teknein brings menacing organs and an early video game influence, while For Null gets experimental with glitch loops and a frantic shaman’s drum.

Fury Weekend blend layered vocals with synthmetal and Carpenter Brut unleashes a monster of a dark disco tune that just builds and builds and builds.

Teknovore add AI samples to hard industrial beats, contrasting with the rockabilly country style of Rebel Son starting the rock section.

Dan Lather keeps with the country vibes and Syr finish the mellow section with celtic flavoured folk rock.

Ereb Altor stay with the vocal harmonising adding metal guitars Surturs Lohe style, followed by Heidra’s trad-metal with Ozzy style vocals.

Black Sun play technical progressive hardcore, while Sober Charge get your head nodding with more familiar time signatures.

Moongates Guardian use Brass and strings with black metal and The Simple Men finish up with woodwind, piano and female vocals

Sonne und Stahl, Syr, Moongates Guardian – Self Released
Holon – Subatomic Audio
Teknein – 86dresden.com
For Null – Youtube
Fury Weekend - FiXT Neon
Carpenter Brut – Carpentnerbrut.com
Teknovore – Infacted Recordings
Rebel Son – Hotrod Hell Records
Dan Lather – White Art Collective
Ereb Altor – Hammerheart Records
Heidra – Mighty Music
Black Sun, Трезвый Заряд – Xzona.su
The Simple Men – Das Zeughaus

00:53 Sonne und Stahl - Nobiscum Deus I - NEW
07:46 Holon - The World Moves By Itself - NEW
12:06 Teknein - Die Massen Pt 3 - NEW
16:56 For Null and Nils Widerberg - Microcosmic 128-NWFN - NEW
22:15 Fury Weekend – Signals - NEW
27:18 Carpenter Brut - Day Stalker – NEW
31:32 Teknovore -  Vox Machina – NEW
36:45 Rebel Son - Together At The End - NEW
39:55 Dan Lather - To Kill a Sunrise - NEW
44:02 Syr - Tir N'aill
49:09 Ereb Altor – Alvablot - NEW
55:40 Heidra - Wolfborn Rising – NEW
00:29 Black Sun - Intro
06:03 Трезвый Заряд – Сражайся – NEW
09:50 Moongates Guardian - The Road – NEW
15:30 The Simple Men - Give It All

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 195 – AAI 041422


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