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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 202 – AAI 062322

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Synthwave and metal with a European flavour, moving from soft ambience to extreme audio meltdown.

Europaweite Aussichten begins with nostalgic summer time synths and balearic beats, followed by the flanging effects of Colonizer sounding almost like Amalec.

Aeroviper gets into an eighties calculator operator vibe, while Mythical Vigilante highlights the bass with a funky top-end to finish off.

IronMensch looks to the acid scene for inspiration, before Solve goes old school industrial with gothic vocals.

Revizia keeps it dark and distorted with bass bouncing everywhere, before System Noire pick up the pace with high NRG trance.

Reality’s Despair go with a disco bassline and social commentary samples and Fixions finishes up the synth section with a cyberfunk salvo.

Nimea open the rock section with soaring choirs and church organs, followed by Infinityum’s power metal command to get up and march.

Servan use accordions and celtic melodies with trad metal and Kreator should have followed, but Servan slipped in there again by mistake during editing. Go check out the new album to hear the Kreator tune.

Mondfinsternis add black metal guitars to dungeon synth and mediaeval melodies, while Katharos bring alpine horns and symphonic death metal before Wappentake transform a summer’s day spent in a meadow into song to finish.

Europaweite Aussichten - Europaweite Aussichten.com
Aeroviper, Mythical Vigilante, System Noire, Realitys Despair, Servan, Mondfinsternis  – Self Released
Colonizer – No Face Nate Telegram
Ironmensch – 86Dresden.com
SOLVE – Re:Mission Entertainment
Revizia – Soundcloud
Nimea – Xzona.su
Infinityum – Heart of Metal Productions
Kreator – Nuclear Blast
Katharos – Willowtip
Wapentake - Hammerstorm

01:08 Europaweite Aussichten – Do You Remember the Synthwave Days - NEW
05:22 Colonizer - Final Danse - NEW
07:29 Aeroviper - Stock Traders - NEW
11:24 Mythical Vigilante – RoboBro – NEW
15:33 Ironmensch - Aryan Fury – Demo
19:03 Solve - Never + Enough (Inferno) - NEW
23:28 Revizia – Does System Dream - NEW
27:30 System Noire – Tarantallegra - NEW
31:28 Realitys Despair - Gulf Breeze (Elektroaggressor Version) - NEW
36:27 Fixions - Lifeless Lifestyle – NEW
39:09 Nimea - Ninna Nanna – NEW
44:07 Infinityum - We Are Marching – NEW
50:02 Servan – Jötunn – NEW
54:52 Kreator - Strongest Of The Strong – NEW
59:50 Mondfinsternis - Storm Valknut
07:17 Katharos - Those Hornclad – NEW
14:46 Wapentake - Ridge & Furrow

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 202 – AAI 062322


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