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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 207 – AAI 080422

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Nationalist tunes, dissident tunes, folk tunes and just plain disgruntled at the state of the world tunes.

Halindir’s Buubdurub begins with cheerful organ-led dungeon-synth escaped out of the dungeon and into the forest, followed by Yaruga’s bass blasting digeridoo thumping ritual folk beats.

St Friendship croons over spiritual rhythm and blues, contrasting with the witch house, electro-industrial, hard-to-pigeonhole hip hop of Colonizer.

Saxon freestyles Aussie-style over triphop and For Null gets ready for a full workout to vaporwave and seventies funk.

Clan of Xymox sound like a mix of Joy Division and TourDeForce, while IronMensch goes for a more modern industrial sound with flanging bass and techno rhythms.

Rotfox gets dark and claustrophobic with a scary piece of down-tempo electro, picking up the pace with the bombastic darksynth of CyberPriest.

Amalec tries his hand at black metal and still manages to sound like Amalec, while Olivia Key rocks out with Luke Mason on a power ballad.

Melodic thrash next from Source of Rage, followed by King Diamond style gothic metal with growling vocals from Inner Fear.

GRAI are back with a smouldering heavy folk metal number, full of jew’s harps and haunting female vocals before Radogost bring out the fiddles in a more gritty style of the same.

Grima play no-frills atmospheric black metal and Robes of Snow finish with an acoustic folk ballad from Bulgaria.

Buubdurub, St Friendship, Amalec – Soundcloud
Yaruga, Grima – Xzona.su
Colonizer, Saxon - Activism, Athletics, Identity Uncensored (Telegram)
For Null – For Null (Telegram)
Clan of Xymox – Metropolis Records
IronMensch – IronMensch (Telegram)
Rotfox, CyberPriest, GRAI – Self Released
Olivia Key – Youtube
Source of Rage – Tower Records
Inner Fear – Black Barn Music
Radogost – Independent
Robes of Snow – BMC Productions

01:19 Buubdurub - Circuit of Mirth - NEW
07:09 Yaruga – Yargvizier - NEW
11:39 St Friendship – Astral Projection - NEW
14:41 Colonizer - I Mean it - NEW
17:13 Saxon - Freestyle 1 - NEW
18:33 For Null - Cpt Freedom Vapor Workout 2 - NEW
21:42 Clan of Xymox - Big Brother (Clan of Xymox Remix) - NEW
27:37 IronMensch - Implements Of War (Early Mix)
32:45 Rotfox – Flesh - NEW
36:21 CyberPriest – Bellum - NEW
41:31 Amalec – Syndaflod - NEW
46:32 Olivia Key - World So Cold - NEW
50:40 Source of Rage - The Eyes of the Restless - NEW
56:06 Inner Fear - A Man In The Forest - NEW
01:43 GRAI – Марь - NEW
07:33 Radogost - Pan Na Bez-Brzegu! - NEW
13:07 Grima -  Giant’s Eternal Sleep - NEW
21:28 Robes of Snow - The Sweep of Wind - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 207 – AAI 080422


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