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Albion Narrations: Plantation Life Before Emancipation II – AN 081622

Sven Longshanks narrates from a series of letters about plantation life during the slavery era.

In this episode, the author gives details on how the slaves were housed, fed, clothed, physicked by the master and by doctors and some of the work they did on the plantation.

He also explains how slaves were governed either by the master, the overseer or the driver and how the children would also take part.

The slaves would marry and masters would try to ensure family relations were kept intact and he recounts how once the owners all clubbed together in order to purchase manumission for a slave’s wife so she could go to Liberia with him.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Albion Narrations: Plantation Life Before Emancipation II – AN 081622


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