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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 211 – AAI 090122

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Dance tunes and metal masterpieces from independent European artists in the alternative scenes.

Mythical Vigilante begins with a slow-paced electro tribute to Alex Jones, followed by a speedy new wave driving tune from Ruble Gang.

Silent Judge goes for horror movie music darksynth and Atmolifter uses the female voice as an accompanying instrument in a cyberpunk take on the darksynth sound.

Waijdan blends witch house motifs with industrial beats, while Domhain brings melodic techno with wobbly bass and metal guitar.

Jvliah rounds the dance section off with a menacing hard techno piece, leaving to to For Null to start the rock section off Black Sabbath style.

M8L8TH add symphonic overtones to their characteristic wails and blast beats, followed by Wrath of Fenrir’s bombastic viking metal.

Hostsang play triumphant black metal with emotional vocals leading into Parasite Inc’s turbo charged melodeath with subtle brass overlays.

On the Wings of Tragedy bring a classical piano sonata with lead guitar accompaniment and Blood of Indigo stay with the symphonic arrangements and black metal influence.

Remember Your Name plays us out, with classically trained beautiful voice and piano.

Mythical Vigilante, Atmolifter, Wrath of Fenrir – Self Released
Ruble Gang, Silent Judge, Domhain, Jvliah – Soundcloud
Waijdan – Remission Entertainment
For Null – Youtube
M8L8TH – Militant.Zone
Høstsang, Скачать На Крыльях Трагедии – Xzona.su
Parasite.inc - Parasiteinc.de
Blood of Indigo – Bloodofindigo.com
Помни Имя Свое - Hammerstorm.org

01:04 Mythical Vigilante - Jalex Owns
04:51 Ruble Gang - Muscle Car
09:23 Silent Judge - Black Mass
12:50 Atmolifter – Alternate Worlds feat Amy Wallace
17:07 Waijdan - Necromancer (Binary Division Remix)
22:06 Domhain - Hard Work
26:37 Jvliah – Faith
30:03 For Null – Angry Coward
34:50 M8L8TH - Микрокосм Духа (Branikald cover)
45:08 Wrath of Fenrir - Einherjar
50:37 Høstsang - Рассвет растерзан вранами
57:56 Parasite.Inc - I Am
01:33 Скачать На Крыльях Трагедии - Соната № 23 Фа-Минор
07:22 Blood of Indigo - Dawn of the Shaded World
17:48 Помни Имя Свое - Когда В Наш Мир Придет Зима

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 211 – AAI 090122


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