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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 212 – AAI 090822

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

The best new tunes from European artists in the alternative dance and metal scenes.

For Null opens with a piano-led ambient piece with a winter feel to it, followed by Mystic’s slow paced lo-fi Nationalist hip hop.

Heerkule Beat drop the lyrics for a Nordic folk triphop piece and Spasibo Cosmos go for a spacey Roksopp feel with live bass.

Vacos Malcolm make slow building loops with a techno influence and subtle guitar, before Mythical Vigilante mines the eighties for more retro electro.

Uberfolk add vocals to a classic Xurious tune, while Lazerpunk brings darksynth flavours and a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Twins in Fear blast out the electro-metal, before the soft keys of ambient metal composer Lustre float past the ears.

Arkuda have brass beginnings and a pagan metal ending, Brymir polished classical guitar leading into majestic brass accompanied melodeath.

Trouble play trad slav instruments and folk metal with both gender vocals, while All the Cold play instrumental symphonic atmospheric black metal, focusing on the harp.

Olivia Key finishes the episode off with a piano ballad and her classically trained voice.

For Null – For Null (Telegram)
Mystic – Mystic (Telegram)
Heerkule Beat – Activism, Identity, Athletics (Telegram)
Spasibo Cosmos, Vacos Malcolm, Mythical Vigilante, All the Cold – Self Released
Xurious – Uberfolk (Youtube)
Lazerpunk – New Retro Wave
Twins in Fear – Scanner
Lustre – Nordvis
Arkuda, Смута – Xzona.su
Brymir – Napalm Records
Olivia Key – Olivia Key (Youtube)

01:09 For Null – Calmness
06:16 Mystic - Nat Soc
09:01 Heerkule Beat – Viking Instrumental Hip Hop
11:57 Spasibo Cosmos – Evacuation
19:55 Vacos Malcolm - Birth of a Titan
26:06 Mythical Vigilante – Planet Juno
30:44 Xurious featuring George Burdi – We Have Dreamed the Same Dream
35:28 Lazerpunk – Deadlink
38:57 Twins in Fear - Stoff Fur Meine Seele
43:14 Lustre – Thirst
51:10 Arkuda - Tragedy Skald
54:34 Brymir - All as One
02:36 Смута - Мара
07:25 All the Cold - Zero Coordinates
16:30 Olivia Key – As a Leaf

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 212 – AAI 090822


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