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The Daily Nationalist: Trans-Children and De-Transitioners – DN 090222

Sven Longshanks looks at the youngest trans model and a tale of trans regret.

A ten-year-old was paraded on catwalk last week and promoted as the world’s youngest transgender model.

The child has two lesbians as parents, who self identify as non-binary. Who could have guessed a boy living with them would end up not wanting to be a boy?

‘Trans kids’ and ‘drag kids’ all wear makeup, which is worn to advertise fertility and sexual arousal in adults, yet nobody seems to be pointing this out.

These children are being put on a pathway that can end in castration, penis removal and a wound that the body constantly seeks to close up.

Once they start taking estrogen their sex drive goes and the strength in their bones too.

Parents who encourage their children onto this pathway could be the cause of immense physical damage to them, as well as putting them at risk of being molested.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Trans-Children and De-Transitioners – DN 090222


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