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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 216 – AAI 100622

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Music that showcases European styles and European imagery, sometimes by Nationalists sometimes not.

Halindir begins with almost electric guitar like sounds and distorted organ, followed by Domhain’s tribal tom toms, brass and strings in a martial industrial style.

Celina brings funky darksynth with a layered song structure and Cyberwalker fires off a progressive house number.

Nachtmahr get the kick drum going with some catchy dark electro and FGFC820 stay with the melodic EBM feel.

Wulf7 adds breakbeats and effects, before Maedon rounds off the electronica section with hard techno and factory machine sounds.

Alvenrad start with a rock ‘n roll feel adding male chants and harmonising, contrasting with the punk folk metal of Kampfeswut.

One Million Lies play an RAC ballad to Sweden and Vrylnia speed up the guitars again for some female fronted symphonic metal.

Null lets the atmospheric black metal loose among the traditional instruments and Zmey Gorynich blend folk metal with deathcore and a hint of Grailight.

Ascensions Fall open with blast beats and full strings reminiscent of Sacrificia, leaving it to Druzhina to finish with a classical composition.

Halindir, Domhain – Soundcloud
Celina, Cyberwalker, Wulf7, Kampfeswut, One Million Lies, Vrylnia, Null, Zmey Gorynich, Ascensions Fall  – Self Released
Nachtmahr – Spotify
FGFC820 – FGFC820.com
Maedon – Tresor Records
Alvenrad – Alvenrad .net
Druzhina – Telegram

01:04 Halindir - Maytera Marble
03:54 Domhain - Defeat Darkness
09:49 Celina – Godlike
13:51 Cyberwalker - Life Circle (Cyberwalker & Backfrom84)
18:55 Nachtmahr - Rache (Offensive 2022)
22:53 FGFC820 – Democracy
28:15 Wulfsept - I Dont Want (Remix by Sleepwalk)
33:26 Maedon - Destroy the Status Quo (Statiqbloom Remix)
40:01 Alvenrad - Veluws IJzer
48:25 Kampfeswut – Propaganda
51:47 One Million Lies - Svea förlåt
56:42 Vrylnia - The Flaming Eyes
02:08 Null - Crushing Delusion
06:20 Zmey Gorynich - Золотой Гребешокъ
10:51 Ascensions Fall - Hitherto the Absence of Light
18:14 Druzhina - She Awaits the Sunlike One

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 216 – AAI 100622


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