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Parish of the Patriots: Robot Waifus and Balloons – PP 020723

Grandpa Dan looks at the Chinese spy balloon tomfoolery and the state of modern women in this week’s episode.

Parish of the Patriots contains one of a kind thought provoking discussion as well as a Christian specific message that you won’t find anywhere else. If you get something out of this show, your voluntary financial support is very much appreciated. If you wish to take part in that, you can find the information at the bottom of the page.

In the first section we’ll be covering the two most important topics for the past week (and perhaps in the history of time), namely sinister Chinese balloons and whether or not you are going to get an AI powered robot waifu to replace the harlots that modern women have become. We have a diverse congregation here at the Parish of the Patriots and which of these two topics will be of most importance to you will depend on where exactly you currently are in life.

In the Christian specific segment, we’ll be focusing primarily on verses from the book of James where we are told to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger. The common way to interpret this is to see it as nothing more than yet another set of rules that we should uphold. However I believe this misses the point. Instead, this should be a metric to gauge where we are in relation to our spiritual growth.

Bible reference will be: James 1: 19-25

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Parish of the Patriots: Robot Waifus and Balloons – PP 020723


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