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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 239 – AAI 031623

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Dream folk, martial industrial, trap, R & B, hardcore and classical tunes by Nationalists, along with plenty of other musical goodies for you to savour

Halindir begins with a jolly mediaeval ditty, contrasting with the darker palette of Arditi’s martial industrial piece.

Allogenes mixes worldly wisdom with a catchy chorus in a trap remix and Honky stays with the light airy melodies and mid paced R & B rhythms.

Intent: Outtake keep the medium tempo, adding electro influence and goth vocals, while Sylac brings a slow building psi-trance cyberpunk number.

The Fair Attempts add metal guitar and witty lyrics to electro and Neodrama rocks out with ultra squelchy darksynth bass and a good sense of song structure.

Tanzwut blow the bagpipes and get the folk metal started, ready for Trollgrad to add victorious Slavic melodies and accordions into the mix.

E-an-na bring Romanian flavours and eastern influences, followed by soaring soprano singing and blasting brass from Rabies.

Legion Twierdzy Wrocław bring brutal aggression and super tight hardcore riffing and Insomnium keep it heavy yet melodic with a stomping ‘Heaven and Hell’ feel.

Venenum Dei hit the blast beats and bring back the brass, while Nightfall in Eden use strings and super fast rhythms with plenty of contrast between clearly defined instruments.

Andrei Moissejev closes with a softly plucked and strummed classical guitar piece in honour of the deity.

Halindir, Sylac – Soundcloud
Arditi – Regain Records
Allogenes – AllogenesMusic (Telegram)
Honky – TheHonky (Telegram)
Intent Outtake – Scanner
The Fair Attempts – Starwing Digital
Neodrama, Venenum Dei, Nightfall in Eden – Self Released
Tanzwut – Tanzwut.com
Trollgrad – Mors Lucerna Records
E-an-na – E-an-na.com
Rabies – Xzona.su
Legion Twierdzy Wrocław – Strong Survive Records
Insomnium – Insomnium.net
Andrei Moissejev – Druzhina (Telegram)

01:23 Halindir - Dorp
04:03 Arditi – Bereitstellung
10:34 Allogenes – Dirt on Your Hands
16:15 Honky - Uncle's First Single
21:08 Intent Outtake - The Right Way
27:39 Sylac - Silent Invasion
32:07 The Fair Attempts - 20-Something Know-it-All
36:28 Neodrama – Trapped
39:44 Tanzwut – Labyrinth
44:36 Trollgrad – Trollhalla
51:22 E-an-na – Cenuşiu
54:53 Rabies – Оборотень
00:04 Legion Twierdzy Wrocław – Otchłań
04:58 Insomnium - White Christ (Feat. Sakis Tolis)
11:32 Venenum Dei - In Sanguine Credimus
16:34 Nightfall in Eden – World Purification
25:05 Andrei Moissejev – Gods Prophetic Art

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 239 – AAI 031623


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