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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 243 – AAI 042723

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

EBM, dark electro and hard dance, followed by synth-symphonic, folk, extreme, melodeath and black metal and all brought into existence by musicians of European extraction

Allogenes starts with smooth funk and garage rhythms before The Fair Attempts add synthpop and electro-metal into the broth pot.

Randolph and Mortimer keep the sounds hard with techno beats and EBM bass, while Dizz D’ark stays with the EBM b-line adding eerie strings and snake rattle hi-hats.

Sonodad plays a monster cyberpunk banger with notes weaving in and out of the beats and Teknein stays with the soundtrack to victory courtesy of a pounding bass line and rows of marching cyborgs.

Avarice in Audio bring industrial sounds and a cutting chorus about ‘princess sickness’ and Stahlgeist revive the EBM bassline and sing ‘we were never asked’?

Dark Matter get the speakers shaking with a hardstyle kick drum and female nihilism before Make Me Insane change the pace with a synthpop metal crossover.

Neurotech smashes it with syncopated synths, symphonic metal and layered vocal harmonies, contrasting with the trad folk instruments and Russian melodies of Vayer.

Vailos get the hurdy-gurdy out for some heavier Celtic folk metal than the hurdy gurdy band last week and Ruadh bring Scottish melodies and Gaelic instruments with their atmospheric black metal.

Obsidian are at the Gothic end of the symphonic death metal genre with audible Italian influence and Norrhem show their Finnish inheritance just as strongly with the refrain in their piece of super fast NSBM.

Vesuvian polish up the production adding piano and strings to their melodic death metal and Bonso rounds off the podcast with fast strummed acoustic RAC and whistled chorus.

Allogenes – AllogenesMusic (Telegram)
The Fair Attempts – Starwing Digital
Randolph and Mortimer - RandolphandMortimer.com
Dizz D’Ark, Neurotech, Vailos, Ruadh, Vesuvian, Bonso – Self Released
Sonodad – Sonodad (Telegram)
Teknein – Teknein2 (Telegram)
Avarice in Audio, Stahlgeist – Alfa Matrix
Dark Matter - DarkMatterWaffen (Telegram)
Make Me Insane, Вейя – Xzona.su
Obsidian Chamber – Running Wild Productions
Norrhem – NorrhemOfficial (Telegram)

01:13 Allogenes – All Tonight
06:42 The Fair Attempts - Electromechanical Seance
11:25 Randolph and Mortimer - ExcludeDivide (Illnurse Remix)
17:38 Dizz D’Ark - Nonsense
21:17 Sonodad – Secrets of the Vril
26:37 Teknein – Gemini
31:02 Avarice in Audio  - Girls No More
36:23 Stahlgeist - Step By Step (alternate version)
41:14 Dark Matter - Feelin' You (Original Mix)
44:58 Make  Me Insane - Ева
49:10 Neurotech - The Serpent Bites
53:26 Вейя - Ведьмин Хмель
56:59 Vailos – Boudicca
02:47 Ruadh - King Of Scots
10:37 Obsidian Chamber – Alchemia
15:55 Norrhem - Aurinko Ja Teräs
21:17 Vesuvian - In the Gallows at the Edge of the World
29:14 Bonso – Notwehr

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 243 – AAI 042723


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