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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 13 – ER 080118

er 080118

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Audio Insurgency 13 is so packed full of new tunes and healthy Nationalist sentiment that the patriotism is literally bursting out the sides, beginning with the first playing of Eternal Reich’s new tune ‘With Extreme Prejudice’, a slow bassy blast of futuristic darkwave, contrasting perfectly with the heavenly sounds of Xurious’ ‘May Angels Smile Upon You’. 

Elessar follows that up with more traditional sounding instruments and rhythms dancing in and out of the synths, before the tempo picks up again with new artist Wolfsschanze’s vision of an ‘Aryan Future’.

Drum and Bass nazi-style is next from Axis Reloaded as we head further into the dub step arena for Wise Goy, who we featured last week. Looks like he took some notice of what we said, as ‘14 Words’ is the first new tune he has written in a year.

We all love a Mr Bond parody and his latest one sees him shining bright like a diamond, but unlike the ghetto rappers Mr Bond doesn’t burn out, he just gets hotter. That’s it for the electronica this week, but the guitar section is just as inspirational, if not better. It’s time to get the drinking horns out for the truly epic Bloodshed Walhalla and their triumphant viking metal masterpiece ‘Like Your Son’.

Stahlgewitter keep the melodies flying with their twin guitars and harmonies for ‘Germanisches Sparta’ and then it’s time for some good old fashioned Rock Against Communism courtesy of Finland’s finest Mistreat, who have a new album out celebrating 30 years together.

Nornsaga are up next with a killer hook line and chorus that will be stuck in your head for days after hearing it and still they keep coming, Radogost are a band from Poland mixing kick drums, guitars and strings to amazing effect leading us nicely into the final tune, an acoustic version of ‘Phoenix’ by Moshpit.

Eternal Reich, Xurious, Elessar and Moshpit can be found at Youtube
Wolfsschanze and Wise Goy are on Soundcloud
Bloodshed Walhalla, Mistreat, Nornsaga and Radogost are at 88.nsm
00.00 Eternal Reich - With Extreme Prejudice – UNRELEASED
05.46 Xurious - May Angels Smile Upon You - NEW
10.59 Elessar - Rite Of The Heart - NEW
16.16 Wolfsschanze - Aryan Future - NEW
19.58 Axis Reloaded - Exited Kampf
22.54 Wise Goy - 14 words - NEW
25.38 Mr Bond - Like a Diamond - NEW
31.36 Bloodshed Walhalla - Like Your Son - NEW
43.32 Stahlgewitter - Germanisches Sparta
47.46 Mistreat - Side by Side - NEW
51.52 Nornsaga - From the Sky They Fell - NEW
56.28 Radogost - Kidy Cię Moje Oplota Sny - NEW
01.52 Moshpit - Phoenix (acoustic) - NEW
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 13 – ER 080118

Download  (01:06:44)

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