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Patriotic Weekly Review: Adam Green – PWR 010820

Mark Collett and his usual co-hosts are joined by Adam Green of Know More News to discuss the Iran situation.

Mark begins by pointing out that Iran is not a military threat to us and the only way it could ever be, would be through Iranian ‘refugees’ coming into Britain.

No White Guilt thinks Trump could be trying to neutralise a segment of the Jewish population before the election, by carrying out their wishes.

Patrick thinks Trump was nobbled by the Zionist faction shortly after entering the Whitehouse and Iran is one subject where there is unity among the Jews.

Adam is noticing how Netanyah is pretending to have nothing to do with it, when in reality Israel has been pushing for America to fight Israel for years.

Patrick and Adam have divergent opinions on Russia and Putin’s loyalties, both providing much evidence to support their stance.

Mark identifies Trump Derangement Syndrome in reverse, where civ-nats are supporting Trump no matter how self-defeating his actions are.

Presented by Mark Collett, Patrick Slattery and No White Guilt, with special guest Adam Green

Patriotic Weekly Review: Adam Green – PWR 010820


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