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The Daily Nationalist: Diversity Means Lower Standards – DN 012120

Sven Longshanks reports on a non-White police officer facing grooming charges, eighty five percent of fake asylum seekers being allowed to stay in the UK and the Fire Service caught openly discriminating against White males.

By claiming we need non-White police in order to better police non-Whites, the state are admitting that people would rather be policed  by their own kind. If each community were segregated and had their own police force, it would also prevent grooming victims having to report the crimes against them to a possible relative of the accused.

Despite Boris Johnson promising that those illegally entering Britain will be sent back, the vast majority of ‘asylum seekers’ have been allowed to stay. Yet they are fake asylum seekers because the nearest safe country to Iran is Turkey, not England. If they knew they would be sent back to France, they would no longer attempt the dangerous crossing and no longer make life hell for the Frenchmen in Calais.

The West Midlands Fire Service claims that diversity is a strength too, yet last year they had to reduce the entrance exam in order to get more women and non-Whites into the service. How is it a strength to have lower standards? It means the public and the previous firemen are now more at risk. It also shows that women and non-whites are not as capable at the job as White males. People should be rewarded for their merits, not for what race or gender they are.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Diversity Means Lower Standards – DN 012120


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