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Patriotic Weekly Review: Jared Taylor – DN 020520

Mark Collett and No White Guilt welcome Jared Taylor back to the show to talk about Trump, Israel and Dr William Luther Pierce. 

Jared begins by talking about his upcoming debate with E Michael Jones and his views on the biological reasons for races living in different stages of civilisation.

After that he moves on to his support for Donald Trump, who despite not thinking of himself as a White man has become a totem for Whites.

Trump’s state of the nation speech is discussed and his strange devotion to freeing Blacks from prison and praising them for doing a day’s work.

Trump spoke about America being a hardy nation of pioneers and explorers, not immigrants or settlers and the Republicans were brave enough to cheer him on.

A message like this is important, in the face of a constant barrage of White guilt everywhere else.

The dignity of the occasion has suffered, with little girls being given scholarships and Nancy Pelosi tearing up his speech behind him.

This petty and childish behaviour will increase, as diversity seeps through the political system.

Jared also talks of his admiration for Israel’s defence of it’s ethnic character, but condemns their disregard for Europe when deporting their non-White refugees.

Mark and Jared both give their views on Dr William Luther Pierce and how his glorification of violence was not helpful for our movement.

If there is no peaceful solution for our people, then there really is no solution.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt, with special guest Jared Taylor

Patriotic Weekly Review: Jared Taylor – DN 020620


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