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Patriotic Weekly Review: Millennial Woes – PWR 032520

Mark Collett and No White Guilt are joined by Millennial Woes to talk about the conference, the coronavirus and ‘let’s get arrested’ activism.

Woes begins by talking about how impressed he was with the conference being much bigger and even better than the first one.

He expands upon his speech and his wish to make a follow up to it, with solutions for the emasculation of men.

The hosts move into talking about coronavirus and Mark points out that more people are now going out for walks and enjoying the countryside.

Woes is missing the local swimming pool and the summer sun and has noticed slow deliveries and empty cities.

Jason explains that the uncertainty people feel can be used to our advantage, as individual well being is dependent upon group well being.

He also mentions a friend’s personal experience with Covid19 and the damage that it did to his organs.

The move towards a cashless society and the increased police powers are discussed and the successful results from social distancing in Italy.

Mark identifies the cheap stunts we are seeing from certain civ-nats, as trying to get themselves arrested so they can hand around the begging bowl and get themselves in the headlines.

The sort of people who start fights with foreigners and bait Moslems, are the same type that make threats against ethno-Nationalists and post offensive pictures to them.

While the civ-nats were in supermarkets making patriots look bad, another thousand people signed up to the Patriotic Alternative website.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt

Patriotic Weekly Review: Millennial Woes – PWR 032520


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