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Patriotic Weekly Review: Daughter of Albion – PWR 040120

Mark Collett and No White Guilt are joined by Daughter of Albion to discuss the effects of multiculturalism that are being amplified by coronavirus.

Mark has changed his appearance and has laid down a challenge to Russell Brand to debate him, 20 years after the original programme they made together.

The subject of hoarding perishable items comes up and the mountains of waste it has caused, when people were unable to eat it all.

This stockpiling is a symptom of how low trust our communities now are.

The more multicultural and anti-white a society becomes, the less community cohesion there will be.

Jason reminds us that the virus is much worse than the flu and he knows people suffering with it.

Mark looks at conflicting statistics that show a 0.1% death rate, which is confirmed by Germany who are doing mass testing.

Jason goes into the biology of how the virus works in our bodies and how the vaccine research is going.

Mark highlights the fact that police will no longer investigate burglaries, but will still be arresting anyone who shows a dislike for men pretending to be women.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt, with Daughter of Albion

Patriotic Weekly Review: Daughter of Albion – PWR 040120


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