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The Daily Nationalist: China in the Naughty Corner – DN 040620

Sven Longshanks discusses a terrorist attack in France and possible virus-carrying foreigners spitting at Police, before looking at the sea change in establishment opinion on the Chinese.

We may be self isolating, but the jihadis aren’t and a household of Sudanese refugees have been arrested after one went on a stabbing rampage.

In Austria and elsewhere migrants have seized upon a new method of resisting arrest, claiming to have coronavirus while spitting at Police.

On top of sending contaminated testing kits and faulty masks, it is now becoming accepted that China must have lied about it’s number of corona dead.

We have even seen a BBC presenter confirm that yes, this is a Chinese virus, despite a Labour female claiming racism and hate crime mean that it must have originated somewhere else.

Once Boris gets out of hospital, it is rumoured he will be cancelling the Huaweii contract.

Could the west be gearing up for demanding reparations from China for their cover up of how deadly the virus is?

Viktor Orban has found a different way to prop up his economy, by introducing a new corona-tax for the banks and international corporations.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: China in the Naughty Corner – DN 040620


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