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Patriotic Weekly Review: Tribute to Simon Harris – PWR 052720

Mark Collett and No White Guilt are joined by various contributors to pay tribute to the late Simon Harris.

Mark begins with a eulogy and a clip of Simon speaking from the last Patriotic Alternative conference about why he was a Nationalist.

No White Guilt follows and talks about the sort of world Simon was trying to build.

Horus was his regular co-host and he speaks about how much Simon would help people, including himself.

Secret Sources has been working on a fund raiser for him and remembers sharing her discovery of world war two truth with him.

Chris Patriotic Talk reminds us that Simon was making podcasts right up until last week, when he came down with the virus.

The Great Order talks about the good example that he set and how personable he was.

Ralph Right Reaction references Simon’s European ancestors and Shazia Hobbs lets us know of her experiences with him in the counter-jihad.

Unwashed, Laura Towler, Dangerfield, Natty, Irish Rose, Jakes, TASOB, Adam Somerset, An Fomhar and The Iconoclast also join the podcast to pay their respects.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt

Patriotic Weekly Review: Tribute to Simon Harris – PWR 052720


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