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The Daily Nationalist: Canaanite Confirmation – DN 060220

Sven Longshanks looks at the results of a new genetic study which proves today’s Jews and Arabs are descended from the Old Testament Canaanites.

The study looked at populations in the land area of Canaan from 3,500BC to around 1000BC and found the Canaanites were a mix of the old neolithic people (by implications non-White) and an Aryan Caucasian people.

They have no studies on the people occupying the land during the time of Israel and Judah, but can see that the modern Jews and Arabs get at least half their genome from the Canaanite peoples.

This provides genetic proof that far from being the ‘chosen people’ of the Bible, the Jews are in part descended from the people ‘hated by God’ in the Bible.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Canaanite Confirmation – DN 060220


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