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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 119 – AAI 082720

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Sven Longshanks checks out some of the real music being created by Europeans from around the world.

Don Dellpiero begins sounding like a slow-paced eighties tv theme full of hope and enthusiasm, before Air Midnight continue with the interstellar idea, adding abrasive industrial loops and light guitar.

Filtered vocals give way to spoken word samples when Tiwaz Tunes take over, while For Null cranks up the drum and bass machine to get you fully awake.

Mythical Vigilante mixes addictive basslines with triumphant chorus and house samples for Lazerpunk to add Italian style piano riffs, sounding similar to Lyde who are up next, with a techno disco banger in their usual Swedish style with plenty of strings and a thudding bassline.

Biopsyhoz start the metal section with triphop beats and psychedelic groans, while Nebula Orionis continue the genre crossover with percussive ambient black metal.

Punk riffs and raw vocals from Chile’s Rattenlinie sounding like Final War’s Evil Inside follow, soon to be taken over by the recognisable tones of Helle and die RAC’ker with a Macht and Ehre cover.

Tight thrash guitars open Midgard’s offering moving into Celtic motifs and clean vocals, before Whitelaw ban their drummer from taking part for an almost unplugged musical warning about the ongoing ‘migrant crisis’.

Deep brass heralds the entrance of Beleriand before the drums kick in, sounding like a more Nordic version of Moongates Guardian leading us into some breakneck-paced technical death metal from French band Helioss, taken from their most recent concept album.

Hannes closes the show with his version of the tear jerker from ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’.

Don Dellpiero, For Null – Soundcloud
Air Midnight, Mythical Vigilante, Lazerpunk, Lyde, Biopsyhoz, Nebula Orionis, Beleriand  – Self released
Tiwaz Tunes – Telegram
Rattenlinie – Oldschool Records
Helle und die RAC'ker – Rebel Records
Midgard – Sliptrick Records
Whitelaw – Midgard Records
Helioss - Mourning Light Records
Hannes – KC die Firma

01:00 Don Dellpiero – Space Battle Beyond the Stars (Feat Axel H) - NEW
06:26 Air Midnight - Life Among The Stars - NEW
13:26 Tiwaz Tunes - Lexicon Mantras - NEW
15:35 For Null – Chaos Pathogen - NEW
18:30 Mythical Vigilante – Lost in Bass - NEW
24:10 Lazerpunk - Covenant - Max Brhon Remix - NEW
28:01 Lyde – Shieldmaiden - NEW
32:13 Biopsyhoz - Cow ID Generation - NEW
37:03 Nebula Orionis - The Weak Shall Be Purged
41:14 Rattenlinie - New Age - NEW
43:49 Helle und die RAC'ker - Deutsche Musik - NEW
47:15 Midgard - Keeper of the Freedom - NEW
51:19 Whitelaw - We Warned You - NEW
55:50 Beleriand - The Сlouds Have Fallen All the Night - NEW
02:22 Helioss - ... Et Dieu se Tut
08:12 Hannes - Und der Schnee Fiel – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 119 – AAI 082720


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