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Patriotic Weekly Review: Kevin MacDonald - PWR 012021

Professor Kevin MacDonald joins Mark Collett and No White Guilt for a new episode of Patriotic Weekly Review.

Dr MacDonald begins by highlighting the excessive number of Jews in Biden’s new administration.

He also points out that Trump’s top advisor was Jared Kushner and his biggest donor was Sheldon Adelson.

Jews are only 2% of the population yet they are now holding 100% of the top ten positions in the US government.

The social media companies have been de-platforming MAGA supporters and the banks have removed their services but it is still not enough for our opponents.

Radical left professors have been crafting arguments that justify the government jailing those on the right who choose to express their first amendment rights.

Their ideal society appears to be the early Soviet Union, with extreme punishments for ant-Semitism, secret police, no courts and no critical assessment of government policy.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt

Patriotic Weekly Review: Kevin MacDonald - PWR 012021


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