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The Daily Nationalist: The Competition III – DN 012021

Sven Longshanks explains why multiculturalism is inherently unjust and how White people can win the great competition.

White society was built to capitalise on what Whites do best, so it rewards creativity, intelligence, design and innovation but because of this, other races are unable to compete fairly.

Where other races do have better skills, such as Blacks at sprinting, jumping, harmonies and dancing, they excel, but our societies are not built around those things like theirs are.

This means to make things more fair for the other races, Whites have to be penalised and play with one hand behind their back.

To defeat this all we have to do is be more charitable and merciful to our own people than they are, at the same time as being indifferent to them.

Computer simulations show that these are the winning characteristics for an extended kinship group and with our percentage of the population, it cannot fail to succeed.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: The Competition III – DN 012021


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