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The Daily Nationalist: Gullible Satanists Do MI5’s Work For Them – DN 010521

Sven Longshanks tries to make sense of why a propaganda unit would be infiltrating ‘far right’ extremist chat rooms.

The UK government’s Research, Information and Communications Unit’ has been tasked with infiltrating ‘The Order of the 9 Angles’ and associated ‘far right’ Satanists, supposedly to assist with getting the group banned.

But why would a propaganda unit be doing this and not MI5?

Eric Striker has unearthed a leaked FBI document that shows intelligence services have been discussing how Satanists like ONA can be helpful in disrupting non-violent ‘far right’ groups with their material.

Is this what RICU were doing with the ONA, refining their material and then getting the Satanists to help seed it to unsuspecting non-violent ‘far right’ chatrooms?

As well as help find those susceptible to terror related activities, this would also help disrupt law-abiding nationalist chatrooms and provide a way to get them banned.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Gullible Satanists Do MI5’s Work For Them – DN 010521


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