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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 156 – AAI 052721

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

A soundtrack for the resistance, featuring modern and traditional alternative music from around the White world.

Clan of Xymox execute judgement on Covid-19 with the help of President Trump and a laid-back drum loop, followed by beatless dungeon synth with a haunting melody from Modernicide II.

Mojave takes us on a spooky drum and bass excursion, while Air Midnight sticks with his new gothic direction and new wave guitar.

Ruined Conflict sound like Faithless with their spoken lyrics and punchy electro before Cellhavoc adds an acidic twist to the futuristic marching music.

Neurotech blends Dav Dralleon with Powercyan to good effect, before For Null takes us in a Faith No More direction with the help of bassist/singer Kandro.

Baker’s Dozen go back to the punk years with a modern skinhead anthem, followed by Blackout showing a Meat Loaf influence and Sturm 18 channelling Blink 182.

Gjeldrune start in a similar RAC style before heading into Spanish folk territory, complimenting the pipes and brass instruments utilised by Dyrnwyn.

Nergard keep the standards high with symphonic power metal and patriotic lyrics, leading into Starforger’s penultimate symphonic headbanger.

Van Morrison is left to play us out slow-blues style, with an expose of lies in the media.

Clan Of Xymox – Metropolis Records
Modernicide II, Mojave, For Null – Soundcloud
Air Midnight – F-A-R Musics
Ruined Conflict, Cellhavoc, Neurotech, Starforger – Self Released
Baker’s Dozen – Askania Productions
Blackout – Silurian Productions
Sturm 18 – Das Zeughaus
Gjeldrune – No Label
Dyrnwyn – Cult of Pathenope
Nergard – nergardmusic.com
Van Morrison – Youtube

01:00 Clan Of Xymox - COVID-19 - NEW
04:47 Modernicide II – Journey to Elesium - NEW
10:04 Mojave - Turn Around - NEW
14:37 Air Midnight - Dark Reflections 2021 - NEW
19:58 Ruined Conflict – Solitude - NEW
25:15 Cellhavoc - R.e.a.d. - NEW
29:42 Neurotech - Light Betides – NEW
34:09 For Null - White Step - NEW
37:51 Bakers Dozen - Whatever Happened To Oi! - NEW
41:26 Blackout - One By One – NEW
45:43 Sturm 18 - Open Borders 4 Israel - NEW
51:03 Gjeldrune - Слово Посеет Смуту – NEW
56:41 Dyrnwyn – Leucesie - NEW
02:32 Nergard - Pride of the North - NEW
07:28 Starforger - Just Another Sinner
15:18 Van Morrison - They Own the Media – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 156 – AAI 052721


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