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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 157 – AAI 060321

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

The best new music made by White artists from various alternative scenes, including the pro-White ones.

Barris begins with light skippety boo drums and very heavy bass nineties style, easing us into Russian synthpop squires Mujuice and a very catchy staccato chorus.

Lost Messages keep it light with new wave beats and gothic vocals, taking us into the happy speaker parps of Holocoder’s post-soviet industrial number.

Cyan ID go darker with wistful guitar and a disco bassline, before Blut Reaktor drop the pace with a thoughtful dark electro piece.

Diverje’s distorted sounds match their menacing vocals, preparing the way for Fixions’ colour-saturated cyberpunk finale to the electronica section.

Blutrein kickstart the metal with a Blondie tribute, handing over to their kinsmen Sturm und Drang for a hardcore influenced thrash workout with Germanic harmonising.

Vanvidd take a pause for mournful horns and flute, before viking riffs and chants take us into the exotic visions and gravelly vocals of Havamal.

Sielulintu throw the whole orchestra pit at their action packed offering, followed by a short breather with Vottovaara’s mouth harp and lead guitar master class.

Elderwind bring us back into epic atmospheric black metal territory with guitars sounding like viola and JD Solway and Laura Musica play us out with classical piano and violin accompaniment.

Barris, JD Solway and Laura Musica – Patriotic Arts Community
Mujuice – Xzona.su
Lost Messages, Blut Reaktor, Diverje, Fixions, Vottovaara, Elderwind – Self Released
Holocoder – MIC Label
Cyan ID – OSM Tapes
Blutrein, Sturm und Drang – PC Records
Vanvidd – Vanviddband
Havamal – Art Gates Records
Sielulintu – Unknown

00:58 Barris – Originate - NEW
04:44 Mujuice – Zodiac - NEW
08:35 Lost Messages - No Place For Us
12:52 Holocoder - Гена Коновалов – NEW
16:44 Ćyan ID - There Is A Total Lie Around - NEW
21:27 Blut Reaktor - Fallen Angels - NEW
25:58 Diverje - The Virus Of Violence - NEW
31:15 Fixions - Plagued Lore – NEW
35:48 Blutrein - Ich Will Dich Berühren - NEW
40:43 Sturm und Drang - Den Toten an der Neiße - NEW
44:04 Vanvidd - Under ei Morken Rot – NEW
50:29 Havamal - Empire Of The Ashen Sun – NEW
57:01 Sielulintu - Syntynyt Voittamaan - NEW
59:45 Vottovaara – Kiitollisuuden Kalma-Vaaran – NEW
04:55 Elderwind – Rebirth - NEW
12:11 JD Solway and Laura Musica - A Future for our Children – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 157 – AAI 060321


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