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Patriotic Weekly Review: Sven Longshanks – PWR 090121

Mark Collett and Jason Kohne welcome Sven Longshanks back to the show to discuss the allegations against Radio Albion.

Sven talks about events leading up to his court appearance, starting with a BBC program in 2018 alleging Radio Albion were promoting SRN.

This was eventually proved to be false, but an MP was involved and the Police were requested to investigate.

The Police arrested Sven in 2019 and he passed all their questions, so they took all his devices and documents to look through them.

Now in 2021 Sven has finally been formally charged and presented with a completely different set of questions, which a barrister will be putting to him in court next year.

If you are a Radio Albion listener, you can help Sven beat these outrageous charges by answering this question and sending your reply to [email protected].

‘I am wanting to hear from Radio Albion listeners, the accusation against me is that what i say is likely to stir up hate, so I would like to hear from our listeners how Radio Albion makes them feel, why they listen and especially if they have been inspired to take any action. Especially good is if you have been listening since the Radio Aryan days and can comment on any changes you have noticed over the years’

Presented by Mark Collett and Jason Kohne

Patriotic Weekly Review: Sven Longshanks – PWR 090121


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