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The Daily Nationalist: False Flag Protests – DN 091621

Grandpa Dan looks at an article lamenting the fact that people have learned to recognize a set up when they see one.

While complaining that these extremists are very extreme (“extremists” is used at least 9 times in the article) they are also bemoaning and attempting to mock these same people for not attending a rally which is obviously intended to be some sort of sequel to January 6th.

These sequel protests (similar events occurred after C-ville) are win-wins for the narrative. If only a few people show up, the media will frame this as a sign that most people actually agree with the narrative. If a large group shows up, then the fed employed provocateurs will go straight into action (by pure coincidence, this action will always take place right where the media is positioned to catch it on camera) and it will be framed as proof that anyone who disagrees with the narrative is a dangerous right wing terrorist.

Taken in its entirety, the reaction seen is a positive development. This tells us that people are moving on from Donald Trump. People are catching on that if elections can be rigged, then voting is pointless. Perhaps most importantly, people are catching on that if the police invite you into the Capital to take selfies, then turn around and charge you with terrorism, it’s probably not such a good idea to attend these so called rallies.

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The Daily Nationalist: False Flag Protests – DN 091621


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