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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 178 – AAI 111821

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

English lyrics on the show tonight, plus conspiracy tunes and traditional European themes, mainly featuring keys and strings.

Halindir begins with deep bass and faery harps, before Die Weisse Jugend get very machine like with martial industrial beats and submarine sounds.

Mythical Vigilante lightens the mood with an early Kraftwerk inspired track, while La Lune Noire expose the hoax with a new wave backing track.

Hollywood Burns are back with a new album, synth guitars squealing over the disco beats and Forerunnerx get nasty with distorted drums and flanging effects.

Ewige Eiche sound like an obscure UNKLE remix crossed with black metal, contrasting with the richer production of viking metallers Biersbreaker.

Hopes of Freedom hit the harmonies with some inspirational power metal, followed by more exhortations to succeed alongside the power chords from Unleashed.

Carnival of Flesh keep the riffs flying adding soaring strings and keyboards, preparing us for the dungeon synth intro of Belore, who sound like a more cheerful Firienholt.

Тінь Сонця add distinctive Slavic vocals and dramatic chord progressions, while octuplet Aexylium bring folk flavours, harps and fiddles to the party.

Sniper finish the show with an acoustic ballad created from a Finnish military tune.

Halindir – Soundcloud
Die Weisse Jugend – Barbatos Productions
Mythical Vigilante, La Lune Noire, Forerunnerx, Carnival of Flesh, Aexylium  – Self Released
Hollywood Burns – Blood Music
Ewige Eiche - Neuschwabenland Propaganda
Biersbreaker - Gargoil Tavern Records
Hopes of Freedom – Brennus Music
Unleashed – Napalm Records
Belore – Northern Silence Productions
Тінь Сонця – xzona.su
Sniper - D88 Records / Sakaramiina Records

01:06 Halindir - Will To Live (No Narration) - NEW
05:00 Die Weisse Jugend – Weltanschauung - NEW
09:20 Mythical Vigilante - Time Racer - NEW
14:45 La Lune Noire - Out of Control - NEW
21:00 Hollywood Burns - The Heist of Area 51 – NEW
24:47 Forerunnerx - Apocalypse – NEW
28:16 Ewige Eiche  - Wohl Dem, Der Heimat Weiß - NEW
36:49 Biersbreaker - Hail to the Hammer – NEW
41:47 Hopes of Freedom - Lost Humanity – NEW
47:12 Unleashed - The Highest Ideal – NEW
50:34 Carnival of Flesh - Mask of Humanity – NEW
54:46 Belore - Tale of a Knight – NEW
03:14 Тінь Сонця  - У надрах снів – NEW
08:24 Aexylium -  Immortal Blood – NEW
14:58 Sniper – Tuli Johda - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 178 – AAI 111821


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