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The Daily Nationalist: Fauci’s Transgender AIDS Monkeys – DN 011422

Grandpa Dan looks at Dr Fauci’s latest absolutely necessary scientific experiment on live animals. 

Sven Longshanks is noticeably absent this week but fear not, Grandpa Dan is going all in and carrying forward the torch of the Friday instalment of The Daily Nationalist. While there may only be one host, you are at least getting two news stories.

First up, we look at where the science led by Anthony Fauci is seeking to solve one of the age old mysteries of our time: why do male to female transgenders have a higher rate of HIV infection? While the answer to this question might seem obvious to the average person, this just shows how stupid we all are and how lost we would be without the guidance of the science. The science doesn’t rely on flimsy things such as “Stating the obvious”. Instead the science conducts the necessary research. In this case, injecting male monkeys with female hormones in order to see if they suddenly all get AIDS.

For our second story we take a look at the latest edition of “brave and stunning” in clown world. A U.S. (of course lol) male figure skater has now announced that he’s neither male nor female and shall be known as “they/them”. A tempest in a tea pot was set off when a former based Russian skater stated that he “doesn’t care about these freaks”. Women across the world were outraged over the Russian’s act of not caring. Apparently we’re not allowed to not care. Or perhaps this is all just a lame attempt to get people to care about Olympic skating in general? After all, if you want to get the general public interested in Olympic skating, what better way than to introduce the one thing they never get to hear about, the gays?

Presented by Grandpa Dan

The Daily Nationalist: Fauci’s Transgender AIDS Monkeys – DN 011422


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