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Patriotic Weekly Review: Eric Striker – PWR 022322

Eric Striker joins Mark Collett for a new episode of Patriotic Weekly Review to talk about Canada and Ukraine.

Mark has had services refused to him again from a bank for the fourth time.

When banks do this, they refuse to give a reason because if they do, it would be obvious they are breaking equality legislation.

When our opponents are unable to use the law against us, because we are law abiding, they take our bank accounts away instead.

Liberal democracy is supposed to be based on being able to read and write what you want, but the state no longer abides by this central tenet.

This has become very obvious in Canada, where the emergencies act was brought in to stop people from peacefully protesting and take away their bank accounts.

Presented by Mark Collett

Patriotic Weekly Review: Eric Striker – PWR 022322


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