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The Daily Nationalist: Leaflet DRAMA – DN 041922

Sven Longshanks talks about a Scottish MP’s response to PA leaflets and the jailing of Ursula Haverbeck in Germany.

Scottish MP Jackie Baillie has accused PA of being cowards trying to stir up incitement to hate who wont debate the issues.

Yet the leaflets she is referring to have clear contact details, are critical of government policy not minorities and nobody is more happy to debate the issues than Mark Collett and Laura Towler.

If she wants a debate, all she has to do is call the phone number on the leaflet or write to the PO Box address.

Ursula Haverbeck is 93 years old and has just been jailed in Germany for having her own beliefs about German history from the last century.

She has said that she does not believe Auschwitz was a death camp, but a labour camp instead and rather than prove her evidence wrong, the state have jailed her for a year. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Leaflet DRAMA – DN 041922


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