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The Daily Nationalist: PA Documentary Review – DN 051022

Sven Longshanks reviews the PA TV documentary and looks at psychological damage in trans-kids.

The PA documentary tried to portray the community as extremists, but the only violence that occurred was antifa beating up the undercover journalist.

Some people broke the PA code of conduct, but PA cant be held responsible for that and with the leadership, they were quoting others.

This was all they could find after a 2 year in-depth investigation, which just shows PA are entirely legal and not hiding anything.

People say that transitioning children can always be undone at a later stage, but by that time they have missed out on all the essential training that childhood provides for growing into your biological gender.

This leads to depression and even if they stay transgender, they have been taught to hold big secrets and to lie from an early age, which will obviously cause psychological harm.

The Patriotic Alternative official response can be found HERE

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: PA Documentary Review – DN 051022


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