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Eternal Reich : Audio Insurgency 11 – ER 071818

ER 071818

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Cybernazi kicks things off tonight with the triumphant ‘Right Wing Death Squads’ swiftly followed by Xurious’ tribute to the camp of the saints, before we get to our first new track of the show which is by French anti-communist artist Tommy ‘86 and sounds like a techno version of War of the Worlds.

One of our listeners ‘Mr Reich’ is up next with Last (of Our Kind) one of three tracks he has just released and a sound-clash between Metallica and We Are Magonia created by YITT follows, unfortunately we don’t have much info on either of these two artists.

Another new discovery Vanryth then enters the fray with ‘Automotive’ which really does have that feel of cruising down the autobahn while you listen, you can almost see the scenery flashing past.

There aren’t many dub-step patriots out there but Wise Goy has to be up there with the best of them judging by next track ‘Witchmother’s Brew’, which rounds off the synthwave selection for tonight.

Bryn Dolman brings back the melodies with a well crafted soft rock song that is actually a few years old now, followed by a catchy new one from radio host Graham Hart highlighting the lies of the holohoax.

Force Fed Hate sound just like you would expect, crunchy riffs and kick drums which lead us nicely into new German metalcore band Feindnah’s offering. Their EP is available over at 88.nsm.com if you can’t find it on Youtube.

The singer from Blackout, Brad, has a really good solo album out full of old school blues tunes and ‘Burning Poppies’ is the one we picked for tonight, followed by a new single from Australian RAC band Fortress, which sounds reminiscent of eighties metal group Saxon.

The final tune for tonight is a test pressing from Alison Chabloz, inspired by the jailing of her friend Monica Schaefer for speech crimes in Germany. 

Mr Reich, Tommy ‘86 and Vanryth can be found on Soundcloud
Graham Hart can be found on Youtube
Feindnah can be found at 88.nsm.com
Alison Chabloz can be found at alisonchabloz.com
Fortress can be found on Vimeo
00.00 Cybernazi - Right Wing Death Squads
07.00 Xurious - Camp of the Saints
14.05 Tommy ‘86 - Work, Family, Fatherland - NEW
17.50 Mr Reich - Last (Of Our Kind) - NEW
20.06 We are Magonia (YITT remix) - For Whom the Electric Bell Tolls 
24.16 Vanryth - Automotive - NEW
28.54 Wise Goy - Witchmother’s Brew
34.00 Bryn Dolman - By Way of Nature, by Way of Grace
37.56 Graham Hart - Hoax Train - NEW
40.58 Force Fed Hate - Heroes
43.56 Feindah - Fanal - NEW
48.20 Brad - Burning Poppies
52.42 Fortress - Brothers of the Storm - NEW
56.54 Alison Chabloz - Song of Freedom – UNRELEASED
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich : Audio Insurgency 11 – ER 071818

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