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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 12 – ER 072518

ER 072518

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Eternal Reich is back with a crate full of hot new tunes from all over the White world, starting with a mid-paced slow builder from Xurious that leads nicely into Elessar’s latest soundscape full of strings, brass and synths.

Kangz of Blitz are boogeying on down at the Finspang disco keeping the Shadilay flame alive, while Bryn Dolman is going for a more traditional eighties pop sound as he searches for a more realistic vision of love.

Wolf212 hasn’t released anything for a while and we have an exclusive from him tonight featuring Millennial Woes talking about becoming an anti-Semite.

Two tracks by A3stus up next, an EU-hating German artist who has music ranging from RAC to rap on his new album and that’s it for the lighter side of the Nationalist music scene for this week.

Pluton Svea kick off the metal section with their ode to the Mongoloids, while Bound For Glory follow with a classic of theirs from the early nineties called ‘Our Voice is Stronger’.

Code 291’s track “Nationalism” is one of the best videos ever made for Youtube and has to be checked out, English Rose want you to ‘Show Some Pride’ and Filbert Applebag wants you to ‘Fight for What’s Right’.

Kylfingar hail from Hungary and their Viking metal crossed with Folk really has to be heard to be believed and with Merkfolk’s Polish jig following close behind, your ears will be in folk-metal heaven this week.

Alison Chabloz finishes off the podcast with a remixed version of ‘Tell Me More Lies’ and she has a new EP available on Bandcamp.

Xurious, Elessar, Alison Chabloz, Bryn Dolman and Wolf 212 can be found on Youtube
Kangz of Blitz is on Soundcloud
A3stus, Kylfingar and Merkfolk are at 88.nsm
Filbert Applebag is at Spotify
00.00 Xurious - Patience Has It’s Limits - NEW
05.21 Elessar - The Beauty of Nature - NEW
09.02 Kangs of Blitz - Finspång Disco - NEW
12.46 Bryn Dolman - A More Realistic Vision of Love - NEW
18.52 Wolf 212 - Death Standing - NEW
21.56 A3stus - Kiener Kennt Mich - NEW
24.48 A3stus - Europa Sagt Nein Zur EU - NEW
27.56 Pluton Svea - Mongoloids
30.10 Bound for Glory - Our Voice is Stronger
34.52 Code 291 - Nationalism
37.44 English Rose - Show Me Pride
40.24 Filbert Applebag - FIGHT – UNRELEASED
43.28 Kylfingar - Örök vadászat - NEW
48.12 Merkfolk - Dziady - NEW
54.18 Alison Chabloz - Tell Me More Lies – RE-ISSUE
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 12 – ER 072518

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