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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 16 – ER 082218

er 082218

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

It’s time once again to pin back your ears, turn up the volume and remind yourself what talented musicians we have in our Nationalist community and the rest of the White world, that’s right it’s Eternal Reich’s Audio Insurgency Episode 16.

This week we begin with Xurious and a departure from his usual rhythmic style that introduces dub and ambient influences as well as his trademark keyboard sound. Wolfsschanze takes the baton and runs with it into some progressive house territory, preparing the way for Elessar and The Golden One’s percussive ‘Strength and Beauty’, an orchestral piece reminiscent of old sword and sorcery epics like Jason and The Argonauts.

An absolute monster of a track is up next ‘Ruthless to the Rootless’ by FemaCampBandleader, a futuristic dystopian sci-fi sound that manages to convey chilling emotion without words and takes you to outer space and back within 10 minutes.

The great tragedy that touched all of us last week is commemorated by Wolf212 complete with clips of Sky King himself, barrel-rolling through the ether on his way to the great beyond.

Promising newcomer Vanryth brings us ‘The Great Man’, a tune worthy of the title filled with melodic harmonies and even a sax solo, before Mr Bond injects some humour into proceedings with a parody version of ‘Because I Got High’.

Diktatura are honouring hero of the Lithuanian resistance Adolfas Ramanauskas with ‘Dague Krito Suny’ while Swedish band Ultima Thule appear to be singing about a magic Pole and Wolfnacht are fighting the good fight with ‘Kampf Gegen Juda’.

White Man’s Burden wind the episode down with a thoughtful melodic chorus about the great replacement and the legendary Ian Stuart provides one of his finest song-writing moments for us to finish with, ‘We Will Never Give In’.

Xurious, Elessar and Wolf 212 can be found at Youtube
Wolfsschanze and Vanryth are at Soundcloud
Ultima Thule and Wolfnacht are at 88nsm
Mr Bond can be found at Minds
00:45 Xurious - Which Way Western Man - NEW
05.10 Wolfsschanze - Digital Serenity - NEW
08.36 Elessar and The Golden One - Strength and Beauty - NEW
13.15 FemaCampBandLeader - Ruthless to the Rootless
23.09 Wolf212. – The Legend of Sky King - NEW
26.04 Vanryth - The Great Man - NEW
31.42 Mr Bond as Naziman - Because I Siege Heil’d - NEW
37.08 Diktatura - Dague Krito Suny
43.52 Ultima Thule - Trollpolska - NEW
48.40 Wolfnacht - Kampf Gegen Juda – RERELEASE
53.54 White Man’s Burden – Diversity is Our Demise 
56.59 Ian Stuart - We Will Never Give In
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 16 – ER 082218

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