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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 18 – ER 090518

er 18

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Loads of great sounds in tonight’s podcast, all masterfully held together by our host Eternal Reich as he moves from one genre to another, checking out the best tunes put together, or just listened to, by Nationalists over the last week. 

We begin with a sophisticated slice of synthwave from 26Hate leading nicely into some menacing fashwave from Elessar, all chopped up bass heavy synth stabs mixed with the hammer horror keyboards that we are more used to hearing from the black metal bands. Great to hear influences like this from the guitarists involved with the fashwave scene.

Following on from that we have Mussolinidreams’ tribute to Matteo Salvini, lots of tempo twisting going on in this little house number. Can Salvini really save Italy? Only time will tell.

Wolfsschanze was banned from Soundcloud last week but he’s not letting that get him down, he has just released a new album on Spotify and he is Defending Europa for us tonight.

After that we have a bit of a German section going on for the next five songs, beginning with some very well put together White power rap from Creade followed by old-skool electro from the N’Socialist Soundsystem spitting the rhymes in English as well as German.

Handstreich crank up the volume for some melodic metal leading into a Swiss sing-a-long about ‘Katherina Konig’ who appears to be a fat leftist politician from Germany.

Uwocaust und Raconquista sound very much like Bound For Glory and that’s praise indeed, ‘Widerpart’ has lots of time changes, nice kick drum action, twin guitars and a good hook line.

Nüchtern Reich are on the same label as Russian band Verv and sound fairly similar to them, thunderous bass drums and chainsaw guitars, swapping the solos for plenty of time changes and doom dancing, the perfect contrast to the orchestral majesty of Russian black metal band Regnat Horrendum, featuring just about every instrument you can think of.

Back to Britain after that for a classic from Ken McLellan & Stigger with their ballad ‘Tears of the Gods’ and we finish with Lilholesie’s beautiful ‘Pine Needle’. Lilholesie is a Russian ethno-ambient artist and his music is well worth checking out if you like chilled out folk sounds with traditional instruments.

Elessar is on Youtube
Mussolinidreams & Lilholesie are on Soundcloud
Creade, Handstreich, Uwocaust und Raconquista & Nüchtern Reich are at 88.nsm
See Wolfsschanze’s Twitter for his new album
00:36 26hate - Madness
05:16 Elessar – Lamentation - NEW
09:16 Mussolinidreams - God Bless Salvini - NEW
14:23 Wolfsschanze - Defend Europa - NEW
18:30 Creade – Alte Werte - NEW
21:48 N’Socialist Soundsystem - Der Jubilar
25:01 Handstreich – Vergangenheit - NEW
29:00 Erschiessungskommando - Katherina König
33:00 Uwocaust und Raconquista – Widerpart - NEW
37:53 Nüchtern Reich - New Europe - NEW
42:30 Regnat Horrendem - Icebound Faces
48:30 Ken McLellan & Stigger - Tears of the Gods
53:04 Lilholesie - Pine Needle
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 18 – ER 090518

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