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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 20 – ER 091918

er 091918

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Eternal Reich begins this week’s podcast by drawing attention to the censorship of nationalist musicians such as himself on Youtube, before cranking up the sonic weaponry with a remix of hail to the sun featuring Survive the Jive, appropriately leading on to ‘Sonnenrad’ by Wolfsschanze. Kangz of Blitz are whipping up a storm on the dancefloor with their latest effort and Housechwitz tops the electronica section off with a piano-banging rave tune featuring the fuhrer himself.

Neo-classical industrial band Waffenruhe have some cinematic new material for us while Paleowolf keep the epic soundscapes going by bringing us back to the dawn of time with theirs. Polish band Radogost’s folk-metal went down so well the last time we played them we just had to find another track for you tonight from their new album ‘Przeklęty’.

Filbert Applebag’s new instrumental is up next, all lazy bass lines and squelchy guitar conjuring up images of vape filled rooms and ladies of the night.

Thrudvang kick the metal section off with a Swedish sing-a-long while Bayonet Assault go all lily the pink before letting rip in that classic RAC style we all know and love. Green Arrows up next sound eerily similar to British band ‘Of Wolves and Angels’ even though they are from Italy. They have a new album out soon and will be touring to support it. Martyrer are channelling their inner Motorhead and Norrhem from Finland round the guitar segment off with some really well put-together death metal as a taster from their forthcoming new EP.

Filbert finishes our audio excursion for the week with another of his stunning piano renditions.

Eternal Reich, Wolfsschanze, Bayonet Assault, Norrhem and Filbert Applebag are on Youtube
Kangz of Blitz and Paleowolf are on Soundcloud
Housechwitz and Waffenruhe are at 88nsm
01:43 Eternal Reich and Survive the Jive – Sunne  - NEW
06:57 Wolfsschanze – Sonnenrad  - NEW
11:06 Kangz of Blitz - Volk Steh auf und Storm Brich Los! - NEW
13:45 Houseschwitz – The Glorious Master Rave
17:32 Waffenruhe – Still Marching Straight Ahead - NEW
23:41 Paleowolf – Warrior - NEW
28:07 Radogost - Widma
34:47 Filbert Apple Bag – Red Light Go - NEW
38:24 Thrudvang - Havens Verger
42:39 Bayonet Assault – Put Avanti Ancora! - NEW
45:25 Green Arrows - Stick to my Beliefs
49:23 Martyrer – Die Hole Kana Warten
52:18 Norrhem - Tuhannen Vuotta - NEW
57:22 Filbert Applebag – A Pro Exitorium – NEW
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 20 – ER 091918


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