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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 21 – ER 092618

er 092618

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

A cracking choice of new pro-White and passive-White tunes to soundtrack your life with this week that will fly past so quick, you will be begging for more by the end of it.

Elessar kicks things off with a remix of an earlier favourite of his ‘To Conquer or Die’ which sounds like it has much sharper drums than before alongside that whirling synthesizer sound that went on to become a staple of much of his music.

Ghost Producer Division is up next and his new one is also reminiscent of earlier tunes such as ‘America First’, full of vocal effects and uplifting melodies leading in to Wolfsschanze who slows the tempo down a bit for some atmospheric house guaranteed to to awaken the Saxons from their slumber.

We Are Magonia are mixing the big-hair rock noise of the eighties with synthwave to surprisingly good effect, while Mr Bond is getting his Nazi Gang together to rip the proverbial out of the Gucci Gang.

Elessar’s synth sound makes a welcome return in the next track, only backed up by thrash guitars, kick drums and death metal growling this time, as it’s Wolfkrieg from Russia, who have a similar feel to their compatriots Regnat Horrendum. There is a lot of really polished metal coming from the third Rome at the moment as we will see later.

Candy Division are representing Germany tonight with a taster from their new album, alongside another one from Macht and Ehre’s latest offering, which is so good you could play any track you like from it and still be impressed.

Swarga are up next with some absolutely mental folk metal, mixing bag pipes with ultra-fast guitars and menacing growls contrasted with operatic singing, this band are really tight and sound like their live gigs would have an amazing atmosphere, it’s a shame all the information about them is in the cyrillic alphabet. This band really are good.

Green Arrows follow that up with some more traditional sounding metal breaking down into a mosh section to get you slamming around the bunker before it’s off to the deep south we go for Rebel Son and some old school dirty rock’n’roll shaking the barn walls down.

Krumkac finish this week’s selection off with the orchestral intro track to their new album, full of kettle drums, horns and a sampled male voice choir.
00:54 Elessar - To Conquer or Die - NEW
04:53 Ghost Producer Division - Dragons Eye - NEW
08:09 Wolfsschanze - Awakening of the Saxons - NEW
11:12 We are Magonia - Trivium - The Heart From Your Hate - NEW
15:07 Mr. Bond - Nazi Gang - NEW
17:17 Wolfkrieg - Arms of White North - NEW
22:38 Candy Division - Körners Erben - NEW
29:00 Сварга - Листья на воде (Swarga – Leaves on Water) - NEW
33:26 Сварга - Прах над яругами (Swarga – Powder Over the Yaragams) - NEW
38:29 Green Arrows – Don’t Believe Them
41:02 Macht & Ehre - Menschenmasse
46:05 Rebel Son - To Arms
52:20 Krumkac - Zakon Zbroi - NEW
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 21 – ER 092618


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