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Eternal Reich : Audio Insurgency 23 – ER 101018

er 101018

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Only the very best of the pro-White and passive-White music scene makes it onto the Audio Insurgency and this week is no exception, from classic Skrewdriver to modern synthwave and all that lies between it’s guaranteed to shake your world to it’s foundations.

Elessar kicks things off with a slow burner lighting up ‘the space between’ the beats for Wolfsschanze to work into an up-tempo house track and then it’s time for a debut on the show for French artist 1488, whose piece ‘Twelve’ is very reminiscent of the music KLF used to make.

Following that we have a parody from Mr Bond and a shocking admission from our host that he was once forced to share a house with some Black students, who used to unironically play the sort of music that Mr Bond takes such delight in mocking.

Sturmsoldat keep the R and B vibe going with the catchy ‘Wir’ and then we have some classic Skrewdriver for you in the form of one of their all time best ballads, an anthem to ‘Old Albion’.
Blutfahne step on the distortion pedals for a really innovative track that moves from a delicious jangly indie sound into metal and back again with more time changes than British rail, while the Yardbombs tear the place apart going mental about out all the nazis popping up everywhere.

Darkest Sky has some neo-folk for us that features samples of Millennial Woes, this goy has a really distinctive voice and a good ear for a hook-line.

It seems like Dennis K has been producing a demo a month but this is the first one to really catch our attention, it sounds like the Kinks but a lot heavier and at this rate of improvement he will be sounding like Macht and Ehre by next year. After that we have a really moving cover version of Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ by Son of the Wind.

Two tracks from Projekt Chaos to get you moving are up next, the first is their catchy singalong Braun, all funky-ass basslines, quirky rhythms and rock and roll guitar and the second has a definite Irish feel to it despite them being German.

Gigi und die Moormusikanten are singing about their studio being burned down with that classic German melodic metal sound before Gregorio Franco takes us back into the future with the blistering dark-synth track ‘Ruination’.

Maverick Punk is fed up of old-timers and takes out his frustration in ‘Boomer Assault’ which sounds like the bastard child of Hawkwind and Kangz of Blitz, but before you know it it’s time for the final track of the night and that goes to the awesome Rebel Son with the single from their confederate tribute album ‘To Arms’.

Elessar, Wolfsschanze, The Yardbombs, Dennis K, Darkest Sky and Gigi und die Moormusikanten are at Youtube
1488 and Gregorio Franco are at Soundcloud
Projekt Chaos, Son of the Wind and Sturmsoldat are at 88nsm
Mr Bond is at Minds

00:48 Elessar - The Space Between - NEW
05:48 Wolfsschanze - Fire with Fire - NEW
09:05 1488 – Twelve - NEW
14:23 Mr Bond - Don’t like (Chief Keef parody) - NEW
19:22 Sturmsoldat – Wir - NEW
22:15 Skrewdriver - Old Albion
25:58 Blutfahne - Fatherland
30:49 The Yardbombs - Nazis Everywhere - NEW
32:21 Darkest Sky - Winterheim #freewoes - NEW
36:32 Dennis K – Der Tag Wird Kommen - NEW
39:53 Son of the Wind – Hurt - NEW
43:33 Projekt Chaos – Braun - NEW
46:22 Projekt Chaos - Deutsche Passion - NEW
50:37 Gigi und die Moormusikanten - Hier Brennt Das Moor - NEW
53:59 Gregorio Franco – Ruination - NEW
58:09 Maverick Punk - Boomer Assault
02:52 Rebel Son - I’ll Watch You Die

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich : Audio Insurgency 23 – ER 101018


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