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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 24 – ER 101718

ER 101718

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

It’s double-trouble tonight with extra new tunes from Mr Bond, Anthrazit and Kangz of Blitz, packing the audio insurgency with enough musical dynamite to blast all our enemies into submission.

We begin with French artist 1488’s ‘Termina’, a suitably spacey intro that conjures up star spun vistas and open galaxies just waiting for FemaCampBandLeader to hit the warp drive and power through them at hyper speed with his vrill-powered sonic machine, firing out synth stabs and quirky rhythms as he flies past. This track is like a cross between ‘Ruthless to the Rootless’ and ‘85s Over the Moon’, it doesn't get better than this.

Halindir from Denmark brings us back to earth, but in a different time and place with traditional instruments and melodies that conjure up images of trolls and ogres traversing mountains, perhaps on their way to the nazi disco to catch up with the mighty Kangz of Blitz, who have a megamix Disco Maxi for us this week, featuring remixes of previous favourites of theirs.

Vanguard and Wise Goy are bringing the noise in a dubstep style complete with Mosley samples and even a bit of Mr Bond, who will be back later after some more Kangz of Blitz with their ‘Windmill of Friendship’ which has to be referring to the swastika.

Baise Ma Hache are a French black metal duo and this is one of their milder and more experimental moments, complete with strings and National Socialist monologue in English. Mr Bond is back after that for two parody power raps, the first in German with some choice samples of the Fuhrer and the second in English, both very catchy and then we are into metal territory with Anthrazit, who have a blinding new album out with excellent vocals that translates as ‘Reordering Our Thinking’. You will be reordering your ears after this next section, which also features a new track by Green Arrows and the very promising Dog Pound all the way from the Saratov region in Russia.

Hulkoff tears the roof off with his paean to the green-eyed royal riding Scyth and before you know it we are into the farewell song of the night, a classy bit of neo-folk from Darkest Sky.

1488, FemaCampBandLeader, Halindir, Vanguard, Wise Goy and Kangz of Blitz are at Soundcloud
Mr Bond is at Minds
Baise Ma Hache and Hulkoff are on Youtube
00:41 1488 – Termina - NEW
05:13 FemaCampBandLeader - Haunebu Warp II - NEW
09:55 Halindir – Jylland III
14:25 Kangz of Blitz – Disco Maxi - NEW
24:44 Vanguard and Wise Goy – New Machine - NEW
27:32 Kangz of Blitz - Windmill of Friendship - NEW
30:31 Baise Ma Hache - Traite Du Rebel - NEW
32:38 Mr. Bond - Weck Mich Auf - NEW
38:24 Mr. Bond - With Jews You Lose - NEW
52:52 Anthrazit - Kali Yuga - NEW
46:59 Anthrazit – Regierung - NEW
51:30 Green Arrows - Guard My Way - NEW
54:41 Dog Pound - Бой С Самим Собой (Fight with Myself)
59:34 Hulkoff – Scyth - NEW
02:40 Darkest Sky – Before the Dawn - NEW
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 24 – ER 101718


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