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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 25 – ER 102418

Audio Insurgency Artwork

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Top quality musicianship from all around the White world in tonight’s Audio Insurgency, from the sublime orchestral chip metal of Master Boot Record to the monarch of fashwave Stormking, every track is a blinder.

We begin with a flashback to 2016 for a bit of classic Xurious before heading back even further into the mists of time, with a disco version of Skrewdriver’s ‘I Dont Like You’ by Digital Octopus.

After that we are off to the world of Halindir courtesy of his Buubdurub project, which features more rhythm driven pieces than his other work and leads nicely into some choiral chanting from disco regulars Kangz of Blitz.

Stormking is next to put in an appearance with a funky off-beat bassline and guitars that sound almost like 80s band Big Country in parts, while 26Hate is putting his Mirror Shades on and preparing for a blast on his light cycle on his way to synthwave perfection.

All that was just the build-up for the next tune though, Master Boot Record hails from Rome, Italy and makes music that defies description really, other than to say it should have cross appeal to just about all of our listeners. This is the White man at the top of his game.

The only thing that could follow that is 14 Sacred Words and Jason Augustus, dancing in the ashes of a fallen world with production values so sharp and clear you better watch you don’t cut yourself.

After that Dog Pound get the moshpit fired up with some fine Russian hardcore to get your head nodding before Candy Division speed up the pace with some gloriously melancholy metal.

Blood and Soil slow things down with a sparse drum and shamanic chant intro that soon builds into a trance-like wall of sound, holding the order together nicely amidst all the chaos right up to the end.

Back to the twin guitars and choruses next with Blutzeugen for a monster of a track that sounds like it was originally written with Rudolf Hess in mind.

Black metal from German band Totenwach after that, racing at breakneck speed to defeat the ‘treacherous sorcery’ that our nations are suffering under and then it’s time for Icelandic band Skalmold, who begin sounding like they are returning home triumphant aboard ships after a Viking raid, this epic piece has more than one surprise in it and even sounds like progressive rock in some places.

Darkest Sky finishes the week’s selection off with possibly his best tune yet, great lyrics with backing vocals and catchy as always, it even has a Bowden sample at the beginning.

Master Boot Record and 26Hate are at Soundcloud

14 Sacred Word is at OPOS records
Skalmold, Stormking and Darkest Sky are at Youtube
Candy Division are at Feindkontakt Produktion
Totenwach is on the Worship Tapes label
00:39 Xurious - Liverpol
06:03 Digital Octopus – I Don’t Like You
08:26 Halindir – Buubdurub - 0
12:28 Kangz of Bliz - Echipa Morti
14:37 Stormking - Hex Girls - NEW
19:06 26 Hate - Mirror Shades - NEW
23:12 Master Boot Record – Mars - NEW
28:34 14 Sacred Words - Dancing in the Ashes - NEW
32:10 Dog Pound - Who Are You?
36:18 Candy Division - Das Schlachtaus - NEW
40:28 Blood and Soil - Me Jokta Kostimme (Feat. Straight Arm Salute)
45:37 Blutzeugen - Geheuchelte Humanitat (Noie Werte Cover)
49:26 Totenwach - Treacherous Sorcery - NEW
55:10 Skalmold – Mori - NEW
02:04 Darkest Sky - White Flower - NEW
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 25 – ER 102418


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