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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 27 – ER 110718

ER 110718

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Fashwave, industrial, neo-folk, melodic metal, all the vintage and modern RAC styles to choose from in the only weekly podcast showcasing the best pro-White and passive-White music, Eternal Reich’s Audio Insurgency.

We start this week with a track written by our host that shows an eighties dystopian action-movie influence, alongside some great audio samples. 26Hate keeps the futuristic vibes going with a church organ intro that soon switches gear into a chase scene soundtrack, while 1488 takes us off into the clouds with more of his KLF-inspired dreamwave trips.

Chaos Vector wakes us up with a jolt of darksynth and menacing minor chords preparing the way for synth-metal mastermind Master Boot Record, who says he plays each note of his music and does not use arpeggiators. This is the uplifting intro tune to his ‘Interrupt Request’ album from last year.

N-War is bringing some industrial influences to the party, alongside techno and grungy metal guitars for a classy remix of ‘Threat’, while Storm King sounds like he has been listening to the Audio Insurgency if his latest tune ‘88mph’ is anything to go by, with a speeded up Kangz of Blitz disco bassline at the start and dare we say it, a vintage RAC guitar thrashout for an ending.

The Decency are back with another melodic and accessible pop tune and we hear they have a special Remembrance Sunday song in the pipeline for next week, protesting the senseless brothers wars.

Sachsonia kick the metal section off in the way the German bands do best, with chainsaw riffing, soaring solos and a singalong chorus. Nice use of a china type cymbal as well.

Swedish band Code 291 are back with the breakneck-speed bass-pounding soon-to-be anthem ‘Anti-Antifa’ followed by their re-imagining of Elvis Presley’s ‘In The Ghetto’, both available on the new album SOS Europa.

Hulkoff follows that with ‘Beast Mode’ a really catchy bit of speed-metal with great lyrics. It takes real talent to play music this fast and keep a melody going that sticks in your head.

The Mamas and the Pepes break out the bongos and acoustic guitars for some laid back grooving and before you know it, it’s time for the final track of the night by Darkest Sky, who must spend all week long playing his guitar to be producing new songs at this rate.

1488 and The Decency are at Soundcloud
Eternal Reich, Storm King and Darkest Sky are at Youtube
Sachsonia are on PC Records
Code 291 are on Midgard Records

00:52 Eternal Reich - The American Militant Nationalist Manifesto
04:03 26Hate - Cybernetic War
07:54 1488 - Toki on White Waves - NEW
11:57 Chaos Vector - Lex Talionis
15:24 Master Boot Record - IRQ 0 System Clock
18:51 N-War (remix) – Threat - NEW
21:47 Storm King - 88mph - NEW
25:26 The Decency - Hurt Lines - NEW
30:11 Sachsonia - Furor Teutonicus - NEW
35:03 Sachsonia - Welcome to Hell - NEW
38:21 Code 291 - Anti Antifa - NEW
41:17 Code 291 - In the Ghetto - NEW
44:00 Hulkoff - Beastmode
47:37 The Mamas and the Pepes - Take it Back (Or Lose it All)
52:10 Darkest Sky - Shadow of the Foresayer – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 27 – ER 110718


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