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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 31 – ER 120518

er 120518

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Plenty for the metalheads here - new tunes from League of St George & Regnat Horrendum, plus synthwave, industrial and neo-folk on this week’s round up of the best new sounds being listened to by Nationalists.

Neon Reaction start the proceedings sounding very much like Xurious, all laid back beats and blissful synth stabs with a balearic bass line bringing back memories of the summer, while 1488 keeps the happy vibes going with a synth guitar solo and a test mix for one of the tunes from his soon-to-be-released new album. Celeritas Tenebris then picks up the tempo with a more techno-inspired tune built around a solid bassline with a psi-trance type breakdowns. 

The Decency is back with his promised tribute to the ‘Brother’s Wars’ and it’s full of the well crafted harmonies we have come to expect from him alongside soft guitar and keys, contrasting nicely with the hard rock anthem to the fuhrer from Sniper which follows. Morrion have an interesting sound, punchy drums, grungy guitars and vocals with lots of reverb which makes for a good debut from Chile on the show.

Max Resist from America keep up the trend for a melodic chorus, this time adding bassline harmonics into the fray and then it’s time for a new punk tune from classic British rockers League of Saint George singing about the Brexit independence day.

Two tracks from Russia’s finest are up next, hardcore from the excellent Dog Pound and then some magnificent operatic black metal from Regnat Horrendum, that makes use of just about every instrument in the orchestra, even the kettle drums.

Black Magic SS have a sound all of their own, like a cross between classic folk, black metal and psychedelic rock before we are dragged back to the future by the voice of Zentralrat Der Guten’s female singer and some well-produced metalcore.

Ambient industrial classical band Arditi swap the guitars for pipe banging atmospherics, sustained strings and male voices, while Darkest Sky finishes the selection off with a tale of dark magic and heroes, set to a neo-folk accompaniment.

Neon Reaction, Celeritas Tenebris, The Decency and 1488 are on Soundcloud
Morrion, Legion of St George and Darkest Sky are on Youtube
Regnat Horrendum and Arditi are at 88nsm

00:22 Neon Reaction – Spirit of the Sun - NEW
05:40 1488 – Lets go to a New White World  (test mix)
08:23 Celeritas Tenebris – Derange - NEW
13:54 The Decency – Brother’s Wars - NEW
18:11 Sniper - Adolf Hitler
20:54 Morrión – Defiende - NEW
24:15 Max Resist - Invaders
27:21 Legion of St. George - Independence Day - NEW
31:52 Dog Pound - Империя Страха (Empire of Fear)
35:18 Regnat Horrendum - Malleus Maleficarum - NEW
40:56 Black Magic SS – Hymn of Pride
45:22 Zentralrat Der Guten - Walhalla Ruft
49:32 Arditi - Conquering Energy - NEW
54:35 Darkest Sky - The Devils Master – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 31 – ER 120518


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