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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 32 – ER 121218

er 121218

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Sven Longshanks stands in for Eternal Reich with a crate full of audio ammo guaranteed to ignite your leisure time, including new tunes from Kangz of Blitz, Elessar, Nahkampf, Horytnica and Parom.

Synthwave Redneck starts by getting us into a Christmas mood with his re-imagining of the ‘Carol of the Bells’ which leads into the more familiar dystopian sci-fi sound of Germany’s Mental Minority, a cultural marxist horror story set to synthwave that sounds suspiciously like the world we live in today.

Elessar is back from his break with a menacing new tune that has more of a sparse sound than usual intertwined with some rather exotic melodies, which sets the stage nicely for Kangz of Blitz and their latest motivational number, which builds up to quite a pace while exhorting us that there is only one way to win and that is to fight.

One man who took that advice literally is Robert Matthews, who the next track is dedicated to, the first of two darksynth church organ masterpieces with the second coming from We Are Magonia and played especially for President Macron.

Agressiva swap the keyboards for guitars and a death metal song about camel jockeys carrying out terrorist attacks and Endless Pride are celebrating 15 years together by singing about their journey up to now in the anthem ‘Endless Pride’.

Another one to sing along with follows that from Battleshout and the White Gigolos and we keep the fun times going with Gigi & Die Braunen Stadtmusikanten’s ode to a German banana. Yes it probably does makes more sense if you can understand the lyrics but it’s great music anyway.

Frakass are representing France tonight with a slice of melodic metal and teaching us how to pronounce ‘Chuiover’ and Nahkampf remind us of our literary past with their Metallica-sounding ‘Faust von Grendel’.

The standards of musicianship in RAC has improved immeasurably over the last two decades and all these bands could easily be competing in the mainstream if they had compromised and taken the shekels of the enemy instead of the blessings of their ancestors, especially Horytnica who sound as polished as an obsidian mirror.

The last tune of the night this week goes to Parom who take us back to the days of traditional instruments and folk tunes to finish the selection off with a Slovakian neo-folk knees up.

Synthwave Redneck and Kangz of Blitz are at Soundcloud
Elessar and Horytnica are on Youtube
Gigi is on Das Zeughaus
Nahkampf are on W & B Versand
Parom are on Murderous Music Production

00:20 Synthwave Redneck - Carol of the Bells - NEW
03:03 Mental Minority - Dystopia Now
09:23 Elessar – Black Marble - NEW
13:11 Kangz of Blitz - One Way to Win (remix) - NEW
17:58 Blut Adler – Blutsbruder
24:58 We Are Magonia – Electric Guillotine
29:03 Agressiva - Towelheads
35:44 Endless Pride - Endless Pride
41:31 Battleshout & The White Gigolos - My 2 Is My 8
46:06 Gigi & Die Braunen Stadtmusikanten - Deutsche Bananen - NEW
49:48 Frakass - Chuiover
52:45 Nahkampf - Faust von Grendel - NEW
58:44 Horytnica - Dywizjon 303 - NEW
05:22 Parom - Duch vojny – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 32 – ER 121218


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