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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 33 – ER 121918

er 121918

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Eternal Reich brings us the latest synthwave, metal, punk, classical and neo-folk being produced by pro-White and passive-White musicians around the world to get us in a festive mood before Christmas.

Kiwi And The Dogboys start things off with some laid-back Christmas swing and an ode to the Slakten NPC and then we are into the first of our synthwave smashes of the night, with Celeritas Tenebris remixed by Hubrid followed by a Kangz of Blitz re-interpretation of the theme tune to Dennis Wise’s greatest documentary never aired on tv.

TourDeForce have an awesome video of North Korea to accompany their latest piece of industrial euro-pop which features footage of the DPRK games to accompany the music and We Are Magonia are collaborating with Sysmic to take us into the Pandaemonium. You can really hear the classical influence of our heritage brought right up to date with the present in these last two tracks.

Razor’s Edge are reminding us never to forget Rudolf Hess and the sacrifice he made in his attempt to bring us peace and ZetaZeroAlfa bring us the second tune of the night dedicated to countries that have resisted the New World Order and this time it’s Syria, viva Assad!

You can hear the unmistakable vocals of the singer from Brainwash guesting on the next track from German band Flak, these guys really know how to play and Rockarska have a familiar voice too, this time from mTORR in Finland.

Strahor from Sibera follow with a perfect slice of black doom metal featuring some incredibly hypnotic guitar work to go with plenty of time changes and vocals straight from the crypt.

Spinning Backfist are a new signing to OPOS making catchy metalcore punk tunes like the one here and Vendetta from Hungary keep the hardcore vibe going with ‘Megyek Tovabb’ which translates as ‘I will go further’.

Into the neo-classical realm next with Finland’s Droefheid for an atmospheric awakening and a reminder of what we have lost and then it’s time for some new material from Rome with ‘Who Only Europe Know’, beautiful music and thought provoking lyrics. 

Darkest Sky takes a new direction with ‘Totengrund’ which still features the voice samples, but this time is more of an instrumental track with an ambient vibe to it and Hild finishes the selection off with an acoustic version of Ken McLellan’s track ‘One’.

Celeritas Tenebris, Kangz of Blitz, We Are Magonia and Darkest Sky are at Soundcloud
Rome, Strahor, Spinning Backfist and TourDeForce are on Youtube
Kiwi And The Dogboys, Vendetta and Flak are at 88nsm

Kiwi And The Dogboys - Slakten NPC - NEW
Celeritas Tenebris – Eternal Judgement (Hubrid remix) - NEW
Kangz of Blitz - T G S – NEW
TourDeForce – Tansume – NEW
We Are Magonia (and Seysmic) – Pandaemonium – NEW
Razors Edge - Lest We Forget
ZetaZeroAlfa - Per La Siria! Per Assad! (feat. Fantasmi Del Passato)
Flak - In Blood we Trust – NEW
Rockarska - Viking Rocker
Strahor - The Fall of Arkona - NEW
Spinning Backfist – Brother in my Corner - NEW
Vendetta - Megyek Tovabb - NEW
Droefheid - Erwache!
Rome – Who Only Europe Know – NEW
Darkest Sky – Totengrund - NEW
Hild - One (Ken McLellan cover)

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 33 – ER 121918


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