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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 35 – ER 010219

ER 010219

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Sven Longshanks stands in for Eternal Reich in the first Audio Insurgency of 2019, featuring the best new tunes from the worldwide pro-White and passive-White music scene.

Wolfsschanze begins with a remix of an older tune of his, giving it a late eighties acid house flavour which is followed by the early nineties rave sound of Gevaudan and the modern experimental synthwave of FemaCampBandleader.

Xurious has been busy with the remixes recently too including Mosley samples for an added bonus before Synthwave maestro Stormking goes full heavy metal, German RAC singer Gigi tries his hand at rap and Peste Noir mix doom metal together with lo-fi beats showing how innovative and versatile today’s Nationalists really are.

Bayonet Assault and Der Kahlkopf Metzger are keeping the old school RAC flame alive and Spinning Backfist bring us the show’s punk singalong section.

Evil Inside sound familiar, probably because it’s the singer from Final War and Trotz and True play some blinding metalcore to shake the cobwebs away for the new year.

Killuminati present a slab of polished melodic metal and Velimor sound like slow death metal mixed with neo-folk.

Darkest Sky finishes the podcast off with a more traditional folk sound, bringing to an end one of the most innovative Audio Insurgencies yet.

All tunes were published in the last month.

Wolfsschanze, Xurious, Storm King and Peste Noire are at Youtube
FemaCampBandLeader and Darkest Sky are at Soundcloud
Velimor are at rac-forum
Gevaudan, Fuffzig Reichsmark, Evil Inside, Spinning Backfist, Trotz und Treue and Der Kahlkopf Metzger are at  88.nsm

00:37 Wolfsschanze - Digital Serenity 2.0 - NEW
03:34 Gevaudan - Requiem Pour Cerveaux Malades - NEW
08:34 FemaCampBandLeader-This Time Total Victory (Battle Bell) - NEW
19:10 Xurious - New Machine V2 - NEW
24:48 Fuffzig Reichsmark - Das Gheddo Stinkt  - NEW
28:31 Bayonet Assault – Sorgente 
31:53 Evil Inside - Eye In the Sky - NEW
34:43 Killuminati – Du Bist
39:26 Peste Noire – Domine - NEW
44:35 Storm King - Caldera Deathcult - NEW
49:22 Trotz und Treue – Downfall - NEW
53:12 Spinning Backfist - Together Forever - NEW
57:21 Der Kahlkopf Metzger - Ich War Dabei! - NEW
00:55 Velimor - Will Hammer - NEW
06:34 Darkest Sky - Fires in the Night – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 35 – ER 010219


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