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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 39 – ER 013019

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Another amazing collection of new tunes from the world’s most courageous song smiths, showcasing the versatility and innovation that only the White racial soul can inspire.

First off is the new one from our host Eternal Reich featuring a spacey intro with Spanish guitar, leading into Celeritas Tenebris’ harsher arcade machine sounds floating over a ramped up disco bassline.

Darksynth from Serbia next and Cult of Neon with a pounding distorted bassline standing in for guitar, before we slow things down for a short taste of Faeros’ new album and a funky little number from Ghost Producer Division, featuring plenty of sax among the bass slaps.

Halindir breaks up the synthwave with an excursion to his Buubdurub project, exotic flutes, pounding drums and a dirty bassline pave the way for some power pop from The Decency, putting the science to music and singing about race and IQ.

Triptidon speed up the pace again with helicopter bass and melodic keys before Sober Charge from Russia break out the guitars for some metalcore madness beginning the rock section of the podcast.

We Want War turn up the volume for some classy power metal with a great chorus before Radogost play a cover version of an absolute classic of a party song, guaranteed to make you turn up the stereo if it wasn’t already going at full pelt.

Radikahl keep up the high standards with passionate vocals and a track that builds to a crescendo preparing the way for Horytnica’s master class in lead guitar and strings accompanied by a female voice choir.

Techno death metal next with new band Sonnenkrieg and a final section that sounds reminiscent of Rush’s Cygnus XI before we relax again with the intro to Gratzug’s ‘Ekstase’. Don’t be misled by the Robert Miles sounding beginning, this track is a monster.

Darkest Sky finishes the selection with a broad range of instruments and sounds topped by his distinctive vocals and lyrics, yearning for time’s past when Britain was still covered in forestland.

Eternal Reich and Darkest Sky are at Youtube
Celeritas Tenebris, Cult of Neon, Triptidon, Faeros, Ghost Producer Division, Halindir, The Decency and Sonnenkrieg are at Soundcloud
Gratzug are at 88nsm

00:21 Eternal Reich – Unbroken - NEW
03:55 Celeritas Tenebris – Reverend Maverick - NEW
07:55 Cult of Neon – Legion - NEW
11:11 Faeros – Upcoming Album Teaser - NEW
13:45 Ghost Producer Division – That White Boy Can Hit - NEW
17:06 Halindir – Buubdurub – Longshanks Beehive - NEW
20:43 The Decency – The Facts Matter About Race and IQ - NEW
24:24 Triptidon – Them - NEW
28:25 Sober Charge - Torch of Insolence
31:48 We Want War - Never Surrender
35:55 Radogost – Wooden Pints
39:11 Radikahl - Opa
42:59 Horytnica – Krew Plynie po Szablach
48:51 Sonnenkrieg – Black Hole Suicide Vessel Execution – NEW
51:38 Gratzug – Ekstase - NEW
57:18 Darkest Sky – Last Stand in the Forest Kingdom – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 39 – ER 013019


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