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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 40 – ER 020619

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Loads of guitars this week from all ends of the six string spectrum, plus plenty of neo-folk and even a piano solo among the synthwave on our journey around the world’s pro-White and passive-White music scene.

GR Led kicks off the merriment with some cyber funk in a FemaCampBandLeader style, overlaid with guitar solos and synth stabs blending nicely with Good Joe’s upbeat chip melodies and string plucking.

Misanthropix add bass to the audiowaves and distortion to the lead guitar, speeding up the pace and raising the temperature ready for Storm King and the original heavier mix of the last track on his new album.

Warlord continue the guitar theme with a melancholy acoustic opener which builds to a crescendo of melody soon to be broken by the chainsaw guitars of an English Rose anthem.

Dark Fury keep the pedal to the floor for some Polish NSBM contrasting nicely with the melodic chorus line of Pionier’s thrashout, and then we are back to the screaming guitar sound of British punks Legion of St George.

Northman have some words of advice for us set to a Manowar soundtrack before the techno-metal kicks in with Austrian band Terrorsphara and an untitled new demo tune from Revenant.

Chunky riffs a plenty up next with Horss who bring the metalcore to an end, but what could possibly follow that ultimate audio assault? Would the exquisite tinkling of a piano solo from Horytnica suffice?

Uberfolk are working on a new album that features the same vocalist as before with possibly a new female singer and by the sound of ‘My Ancestors’ it won’t disappoint, but all good things come to an end and before you know it the podcast is finishing with the heavenly vocals of the Mamas and the Pepes set to soft guitar.

GR Led, Good Joe and Revenant can be found at Soundcloud
Dark Fury are at 88.nsm
Mamas and the Pepes, Uberfolk and Pionier are on Youtube

00:11 GR Led - Astral Funk no. 442 - NEW
06:06 Good Joe – Stargazer - NEW
10:00 Misanthropix - Beast in the Mainframe
13:50 Stormking - Antisocial Network (Original Stormcloak Mix)
18:04 Warlord - Ode to England
23:06 English Rose - Our Flags Of War – RE-ISSUE
25:10 Dark Fury - Will You Withstand My Gaze - NEW
28:33 Pionier - Werde Aktiv - NEW
32:22 Legion Of St. George - Paid In Blood
35:33 Northman - Action - Not Words
39:12 Terrorsphara - Der Sonnenorden
42:34 Revenant – Untitled Demo Song - NEW
44:47 Horss – Directive
48:45 Horytnica - Wiatr dziejow (Epilog)
53:45 Uberfolk – My Ancestors – NEW
57:35 Mamas and the Pepes – Pride and Privilege – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 40 – ER 020619


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