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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 41 – ER 021319

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Fresh from last week’s guitar onslaught this time we focus on the finest electronica and synth wave to be found, finished off with some punk, metalcore and neo-folk of course.

Elessar begins proceedings with heavy beats and exotic keyboards, followed by Andreas Johansson’ debut on the podcast, a lo-fi number with organs and scratching samples from the NMR.

Cult of Neon from Serbia are riding the retro wave with eighties progressive synths married to a solid house beat, before Good Joe slows things down with a catchy but melancholy ambient number.

Halindir whisks us off to a fantasy world full of instruments you never heard of before playing medieval melodies in an alternate sixties night club and then Master Boot Record zips us forward in time to the end of the universe with his computer game metal cover version of ‘Contras’.

Skalski turns the dark disco upside down in his own original style with a chorus that really sticks in your head and Stark Von Oben manages to transpose the message of ancient Rome’s failure into today’s drive for equality, with classical instruments and industrial rhythms.

Visoteric carries the futuristic industrial vibes into a harmonious blend of theremins and machine noises and then it’s into the rock scene we go with Oidoxie, for some down and dirty punk with a great chorus.

Kraftschlag power up the riffs in a Judas Priest style and Death Penalty double the pace as the metal core batters down the doors to make way for the NSBM and Krumkac’s epic 12 minute new single, that we unfortunately had to cut down for space. There’s some beautiful choiral parts in this that accompany the breakneck speed riffing and then it’s time for one of Russia’s finest folk metal bands Svarga and a track that really shows off what is so great about them. Funky beats and bagpipes at the start and then it’s off into mental metal territory before folk melodies and strings bring us back to the pipes and guitars. This band really are one of the best there is.

Uberfolk finish with their wonderful Johnny Cash sounding orchestral cover version of Motorhead’s ‘1916’.

Elessar, Andreas Johansson and Uberfolk are at Youtube
Cult of Neon, Good Joe, Halindir, Master Boot Record and Skalski are at Soundcloud
Stark Von Oben and Visoteric are at 88.nsm
Krumkac are at rac-forum

00:22 Elessar – White Nights New Beat - NEW
03:24 Andreas Johansson – What is Kosher? - NEW
06:59 Cult of Neon – Star Shaper - NEW
11:14 Good Joe – A Slow Descent Into Madness - NEW
15:30 Halindir - Buubdurub - DistoDisco XIX - NEW
19:15 Master Boot Record – Contras - NEW
24:02 Skalski – Vulture - NEW
30:15 Stark Von Oben – Tyrannical Emperor – NEW
37:16 Visoteric - A Cold Calculated Killing Machine - NEW
42:26 Oidoxie - Alltag In Deutschland
45:24 Kraftschlag - Alles Oder Nichts
49:32 Death Penalty - Terrormachine
52:35 Krumkač – Kryŭja – NEW
58:32 Svarga - Wolf
05:58 Uberfolk – 1916 (Motörhead Cover) – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 41 – ER 021319


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